Gender Movement in Argentina

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January in Buenos Aires

Authored By:

Natalia Nadal

   By Professor Carlota Ramírez


Last Monday,  at the local  GI Center Buenos Aires ,  students at the  “Gender, reproductive rights and health in contemporary Latin America” class,  within the Global and Community Health Track,  had the opportunity to talk with Marta Dillon. The writer and director of the supplement “The 12” held a very interesting dialogue with Global Scholars. 

Students showed a lot of interest on  “Ni Una Menos” movement and the intersectoriality of local feminism, the different organizational modalities at the local level, regional articulation strategies, and the place of sexual and reproductive rights in relation to other issues such as access to health or gender-based violence.

Being able to discuss with the author of many of the texts analyzed in class has been an outstanding source of information for students eager to learn more about this important movement in Argentina.