Gala at Colón Theatre

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Natalia Nadal

Natalia Nadal


  By Devin MacGoy

Last week,  GI Center Buenos Aires students had the opportunity to visit the Teatro Colón, the main opera house of Buenos Aires. Containing the third best acoustics in the world for philharmonic music and the best in the world for operas, the theater is an iconic part of the thriving performance arts scene in the city. Something to remember will always  be hearing Samantha, one of the Global scholars, sponteaneously sing a capella and challenge the acoustics.  The original Teatro Colón was built in the Plaza de Mayo in 1857, across the PInk House, where tha headquartes of National Bank is nowadays.  It was  rebuilt off the Avenida 9 de Julio in 1908 using a mix of French and Italian architectural styles.

The theater is quite opulent, covered in gold paint, with extravagant chandeliers hanging from the soaring ceilings in its halls. In the theater itself, students were able to sit in the official balcony - the best seats in the house - where the President hosts guests. Next stop: seeing a show in this incredible center of arts and culture!

Fun fact about the Teatro Colón: there are several boxes segregated from the rest of the theater by metal grilles and a separate entrance, leftover from the days when theater-going widows could not be seen in public.



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