Fun in the sun and a bush drive

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Keamogetse K.

Fun in the sun at Lion park

Such an activity to look forward to, as the clouds cleared and made way for the clear sky and the rides looked more exciting to ride, even though it’s not the first time here but The Beach in the Bush we are more exited to creating new memories on this fun filled day.We couldn't resist cheese burger with fries as we indulged in a variety to choose from.

The resort had lion viewing, its scaring and thrilling at the same time, but we couldn't miss the opportunity to  see male lions. The resort has five lions, three males and two females. Simba the leader of the group couldn’t care less that we were there and they continued their afternoon nap.


The hot weather, made us want to jump in the “ocean” as the magical waves hit upon our skins and playing ocean basketball with the locals.

We wouldn’t end the day without going on the tallest roller coaster in Africa the amazing Gwazi roller coaster, at the resort has an abundance of adventures that us the young heart couldn’t wait to try all the rides out, from the star dancer, to the big terries wheel. Watching the beautiful Afrian sunset from the terries wheel, we call it day, pack up and ready to go home.

Memories made.

Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Serowe museum

The 4 hours drive is finally over as we reach our destination, Khama Rhino Sanctuary in time for our game drive, but before that long awaited activity we had to check in first. We grabbed our sweaters and blankets and jumped into the game van to see the all kinds of animals, covering at least half of the 8 585 hectares of the Kalahari Sandveld and we drove around the green vegetation that lays against the grey clouds, thanks to the rains.

Serowe Museum

Another day, another mission, after spending the night at Khama Rhino sanctuary, we embarked on a  journey to the Khama III Memorial Museum in the heart of Serowe.

The museum showcases the history of the Khama family and how Serowe developed throughout the years. There are exhibits on San culture and a section about Bassie Head as we were given a history of her life as she left Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and settled in Serowe, Botswana. She died in Serowe 1981 aged 49.  The museum depicts a true tswana village and its always remarkable to see.

A sun-kissed day and one night in the bush!

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