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Patricia G.

Patricia G.
Studying abroad has been the experience of a lifetime! I've met so many people across the states as well as befriended so many natives as well. I am so happy and grateful for this experience.

My main group of friends consisted of Toni, Sema'j, Lizzy, and Nylah. Toni and I met through CIEE. Toni and I met Sema'j at Yonsei's cafeteria and just said, "Hey, we want to make new friends." He then introduced us to Lizzy and Nylah by having a picnic with soju and snacks. We immediately clicked. I wish we lived in the same state because, honestly, I haven't felt a good vibe with friends in such a long time. But more the less it gives me reasons to travel the country.

With them, I've gained friendships with locals. Chilling in Hongdae you meet new faces almost every night. I've become friends with people who I would never forget! I've met marketers, creative directors, models, tattooists, chefs and so many more! To be honest, I probably chilled in Hongdae more than I've gone else were in Seoul. That's okay in my book because I met so many people! I'm more of building relationships and learning about the culture first-hand type of person than exploring cafes. I don't do that back at home ... so I've only visited a few here.

My tips on befriending a local are to speak up. They may be as curious about you as you are with them. Also, they may want to be your friend as much as you want them to be yours!

Also, If you want yummy food. Visit Sun Kitchen! Located: 서울시 마포구 합정동 412-26번지 2층

I didn't eat seafood at first, but because of how good my friend Alex whipped up a fish dish. I'm going to start! Just tell him Bella sent you!



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