Five Songs I Can't Escape In Korea, But I'm Not Mad About It

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Shari S.

Shari S.

Five Songs I Can't Escape In Korea, But I'm Not Mad About It

Stereotype- STAYC

STAYC has recently become one of the girl groups who's comebacks I look most forward to. Highly suggest watching their choreography videos, I was able to convince my roommate to let me teach her the choreography to this song... we haven't stopped doing it since.

Lilac- IU

The absolute CHOKEHOLD this song has had on Korea... incredible. I can pretty much guarentee that I will hear it at least once if I stay in any establishment for longer than twenty minutes.

Weekend- Taeyon

This song was my anthem the week before I arrived in Korea, and when I was on my flight and landing in Incheon, it was the song playing in my airpods. Hearing it around Seoul has almost been a sweet reminder of home because of my association with the song and my final week in Ohio. 

Sticker- NCT

Ohhhhh NCT... you really did, uh, something, with this song. Don't get me wrong, NCT is my absolute favorite group, and I usually am all for their noise music. But this one? Pushing it even for me. HOWEVER you will 100% catch me streaming this song at least once a day because I have a sickness and it's called being an Ncitizen.

My Universe- BTS X Coldplay

When I heard that BTS and Coldplay were collaborating, I thought it wasa joke. It just seemed like the most random pair that could have come together for a musical collaboration, and yet, here is this song that has played in every coffee shop I have stepped into in the last three weeks. Again, no problem with this song, no problem with this collab, just... surprised.

Only- LeeHi

THIS SONG ! ! ! ! Catch me crying, screaming, and beating my fists against my chest to this song. 

Loser=Lover- TXT

I just got one thing to say, and that's that TXT, they dont miss. They never miss, man.

Rollin- Brave Girls

Everytime I see a boy in a military uniform, this song plays in my head and I start laughing. (Please tell me you know what I'm talking about)


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