Finishing Up Week 5 in the Big City - Shanghai

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Alfonso Q.

Alfonso Q.

Week 5


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Hi all! Back on here with a quick update on how things are going in Shanghai. Last week I mentioned I was planning on perhaps taking a quick trip to Beijing, well turns out I ended up not going this weekend :( . The main reason being, that I really think there's so much to explore here in Shanghai and I'm worried that I won't be able to see all the spots on my list before my time runs out! Besides, I've been to Beijing three times now, so although it is one of my favorite cities, I do really want to finish exploring Shanghai before I have to go back. With that being said, for anyone who might be planning to intern in Shanghai or any of other China's cities in the near future, definitely plan your trips and take advantage of cheap and efficient public transportation! I'm definitely looking forward to visiting my friends in Beijing, hopefully within the next couple of weeks!

Because of this, I've basically been busy doing alot of urban exploration within Shanghai. The city is honestly huge, I still even get lost occasionally on the subway when I'm on my way to meet up friends and whatnot, so I know I defenitely haven't been around the city enough. It's been going well for the most part, I only wish time could slow down a bit because it almost feels like I'm fast forwarding through my life here! As soon as  I finish posting this quick update, I'm planning to go explore m50, which is supposed to be a cool contemporary art district that was incorporated out a bunch of abandoned buildings! 



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