Finally Leaving Seoul

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Lauren H.

Lauren H.

Being in Seoul can feel a little stifling at times.

Back in America, I didn’t realize had big Seoul actually is. You go on an hour bus ride and think you leave Seoul. Nope. Back home, going on an hour drive would mean passing 5-10 cities, at least. 

Personally, I’m not a city person. And as someone with low energy I feel like I’m constantly on the brink of burnout. But I feel like I need to constantly being going somewhere and doing something. There’s so much to do in Seoul that it can feel overwhelming. I feel like my body is on autopilot and I’m not doing a lot of thinking.

At home, I’m the type of person who tries to not rush things, nurture my relationships, and make memories through our conversations. I’m not someone who goes out and does things. At most I might go on a boba run once a week. So, I’m out of my element and still trying to adjust.

My friends and I decided to finally plan our trip out of Seoul. And we decided to go to Nami Island. 

We started our day early, leaving SK Global at 9 am to catch a bus taking us to Yongsan Station, where we would meet our other friend who is studying at Korea University. Then we took a train to Gapyeong. 

Once we arrived, we decided to visit Petite France before heading to the island because it was close by. And let me tell you, I miss riding in a car. Since being here I have only taken the bus or subway so riding in a taxi made me miss home for the first time. Stupid? A little, but it’s the little things.

After spending time in Petite France and taking pictures, we made our way to Nami Island. Stepping on the island already made me feel at peace, there were many trees and on that hot day, the air was cool. We didn’t have any plan once we arrived, so we spent the day just walking and talking. 

It felt like i could finally take a deep breath and be away from the stress and simply exist without putting on the performance i have been since I landed in Korea.

Taking this small trip gave me the push to really venture out of Seoul and see the different landscapes and subcultures Korea has to offer.

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