Field Trip 2: The Caribbean Slope Part 2

Authored by:
Dr. Alan Masters

Dr. Alan Masters

For the second part of the field trip we have two more places to visit Parismina and Bocas del Toro in Panama.  The main objective of the visit to Parismina was to learn about the sea turtle conservation program in the area and take advantage of the nesting season of the Leatherback Turtle to see this magnificent species. Talks with people from the Parismina community about their running project to protect the sea turtles that nest in this area, the ocean and the nature surrounding this area taught us the importance of the involvement of the community in Conservation.  We spent two nights searching for Leatherback turtles on the beach and luckily our second night as we just started walking the beach we got a close look of a female turtle at the beach.

Besides learning about sea turtle conservation we had a boat ride along the canals and learn about many species of animals and plants that are found in the area.

After Parismina we traveled to Bocas del Toro in Panama, here the main focus was marine biology and coral reef conservation; learning about some beach species of plant and animals, traveling to an island where a few species of bird nest, visit to a cave full of bats, and snorkeling... lots of snorkeling where our main activities around the island.

The field trip is over, but now is time to get back to Monteverde and start working on our Independent Research Project.

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