Field Trip 2: The Caribbean Slope

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Dr. Alan Masters

Dr. Alan Masters

After spending a few weeks in Monteverde it was time for us to leave on our second field trip, this time we will be traveling along the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica and Panama.  

Our first places visited were the San Gerardo and the Pocosol stations; both stations are part of the Children's Eternal Rainforest.  The Children Eternal Rainforest is the biggest protected land in the Monteverde area and makes one of the biggest private reserves in Central America.  Here we mist netted for bats and birds, walk around exploring these new places and admire all the nature around us, obviously always learning about ecology and conservation.

We left the Children's Eternal Rainforest and move to the Sarapiquí area on the lowlands of the Caribbean Slope, here the change in temperature and humidity was really incredible making the environment way hotter that we have been feeling in the last few days; but the nature surrounding us is still pretty amazing.

Night hikes, birdwatching, river swimming and many other fun and educative activities were our daily routine for the few days we stayed at La Selva Biologica Station and Isla Verde Station, our two destinations in the Sarapiquí area.

Our first days exploring the Caribbean slope are over, but we still have another week to visit new destinations and discover the wonders of these new habitats.

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