The Festival of Lights

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Rumi Y.

On an evening stroll through Berlin along the Spree River Canal, I stumbled upon Museum Island. I learned later that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with five museums on an island in the middle of the canal. I was struck by a projection of The Scream, by Edward Munch, cast upon one of the museums’ beautiful facades. Each year in October, Berlin transforms for one week into a city of light – vibrant art is projected along streets and cascades down the sides of buildings. You can find pieces on monuments, museums, squares, and in trendy neighborhoods throughout the city. Pieces from German and international artists alike are featured with a fresh perspective in this wonderful and unique festival. The intention of the festival is to call attention to stories and cultures around the world through the expression of art. This year, the Brandenburg Gate had a lightshow with images from around the world set to music.My stroll ended with a concert by a South African folk singer in front of the Bode Museum on Museum Island.