Fast - Paced Week 6 in Shanghai!!

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Alfonso Q.

Alfonso Q.

Week 6


Busy Week!

Hi all, back here with another update as week 6 comes to an end! First I wanted to say, to anyone reading my blog who might be interested in interning or studying in China, or even if you've already bought your plane tix and just have some questions, feel free to message me on Instagram @madeindio ! I know as the departure date creeps closer there's usually a few questions that come to mind, so I don't mind sharing tips or advice from my experience thus far~

So this week I had a bit of a weird schedule at work because my company has begun hosting the events that we had been organizing throughout the past couple of weeks. We hosted 3 of them this week. It's definitely nice seeing that work pay off as people came in to attend our workshops to hear our bosses give their talks. Us interns also get the benefit of being able to also be present at the workshops and take in this information, which is defnitely interesting to listen to. I also enjoyed meeting new people and networking with others at the end of the events, there's always people from all over the world in Shanghai, so it's interesting to hear stories and see what everyone gots going on. Post-workshop hangouts with our boss are always good times.

Outside of work, I didn't go out as much this week to be honest. I found a good taco place though! Anyways, part of the reason for this is that since the events we hosted took place during the night, they occupied the time during which I usually go out and explore, because it's quite warm recently in Shanghai. To be fair though, I'm bad at withstanding the heat, I'm amazed how I'll be dripping in sweat sometimes while the locals pedaling on their bikes aren't even breaking a sweat! Towards the end of the week, I went to visit an art expo though, which was perfect for getting some quick pictures off, a lot of nice display art. Apart from that, ate a whole lot of Chinese food and spent a lot of time working on my laptop. Oh and one thing abut China is that pretty much every restaurant no matter how small it is, usually has options for delivery straight to your address for really cheap, which is super convenient if you just aren't feeling like going out. Also helps a lot when you have a lot work to do and wanna save some time!


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