FALL 2019: Dalleen akk jàmm

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Aminata Fall

August 17th 2019. Dakar Fall semester students started landing in Diass Airport. Ahead, host families eager to meet their new daughters, sons or siblings. Once again, we get ready to welcome the new cohorte for an exciting 4 months in Dakar and Senegal.

Starting with the orientation week, where is discussed cultural do's and dont's but also health, safety and security and everything necessary to keep us all safe for these 4 months. The orientation week includes an excursion to Downtown Dakar to help student discover our wonderful city. The tour takes place in the unavoidable "car rapides", most common public transportation in Dakar. Some students even improvised themselves "apprenti"...

The Goree island excursion is preceded by a lecture on the  history of the island before students went to spend a day to discover this beautiful island veiled with a sad history.

An excursion full of intensity....

...But not only

Wishing you a great semester.....


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