Fall 2017 ISSUE I

Authored by:
Alicja Nemoudry



On Monday, September 18, all CIEE Prague Fall 2017 students (of whom there are more than 250!) had the opportunity to attend our traditional Meet-Up Party. The pleasant atmosphere of the newly chosen venue – Bowling Dejvice – along with a get to know each other game organized by CIEE Prague staff encouraged everyone to chat and make new friends, further strengthening the sense of CIEE Prague student community.


Apart from chatting over small refreshments and nibbles provided by CIEE, students could give a go to various activities, such as the pool, air hockey or darts, through the event. Nonetheless, the highlight of the event was without any doubt a bowling tournament organized and executed by CIEE Buddies. Around 50 CIEE students formed teams and competed against each other. With everyone being so enthusiastic about the game, simply watching others play was equally as fun and entertaining as taking an active part in the tournament!

We hope everyone had a great time and are looking forward to our next all programs get-together event :)


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