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CIEE Lisbon

CIEE Lisbon

It has been a month and a half since our students arrived and there is already so much to tell! 
They have been busy attending classes, going to cultural activities and they even went on a field excursion to Porto!

Field Excursion to Porto
Language and Culture students went to Porto, where they learned about the city, went on a boat tour in Douro river and even went on a classical music concert at Casa da Música! Porto is a World Heritage city known for its heritage which combines ancient monuments and churches. 

Portuguese Language Course 
Learning how to speak portuguese is an important part of this course. These classes aim to be interactive and to challenge students to learn and speak portuguese in their everyday life. 

​​Cultural Activity - Fado Museum 
Students were immersed in Fado culture, in a museum that celebrates Fado’s exceptional value as an identifying symbol of the City of Lisbon, its deep roots in the tradition and cultural history of the country.

Our Language and Culture students are becoming true lisboetas (someone that is from Lisbon) by getting to know Lisbon and Portugal's history. And of course, by enjoying amazing food and our famous expressos!


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