Exploring Greenwich: The Queen’s House, Prime Meridian Line, and More!

Authored By:

Amanda E.

London is a beautiful, diverse city filled with rich history, architecture and unity. Aside from the grand palaces, elegant gardens, immense shopping, and bright red telephone booths, there is much more to London than what meets the eye.

Greenwich, a borough located in London, is rich with both history and beauty while also being an experience within itself. If you find that you have explored every inch of central London, take the day and head out to Greenwich to explore a new area of this magnificent city.

Getting to Greenwich:

While Greenwich is easily accessible via the tube, I found that taking the River Boat from Embankment Pier to Greenwich was an easy way to get a great river cruise experience and enjoy the journey to Greenwich. It takes around 45 to 60 minutes to get to Greenwich via the River Boat but it is well worth the ride! Not only do you get to cruise down the Thames but you have beautiful views of the London Eye, the Palace of Westminster, and Tower Bridge.

Greenwich Highlights:

The Queen’s House: Not only is the Queen’s House free to enter and explore but it is filled with history, beautiful art, behind the scenes videos and the famous Tulip Stairs. Not only are the Tulip Stairs a beautiful sight but they are the first self-supporting spiral staircase in the United Kingdom!

Greenwich Park: Located directly behind the Queen’s House is Greenwich Park. Whether you love the greenery of parks or want to see a lot of friendly dogs freely running around, this park has a little something for everyone!

The Prime Meridian: When exploring the park, you can climb up the steep hill to the Royal Observatory which is the home of the famous Prime Meridian. Here, you can pay to enter and stand with one foot on either side of the world-famous line, allowing your body to be in the Western and Eastern hemispheres at the same time. However, if you are like me and are always looking for a way to be smart with your money, skip the admission fee and use this fun hack instead. Just past the gated area of the Royal Observatory, the golden line that marks the Prime Meridian extends past the gates and on to a walking path. Go here instead to have the same experience but this time for free!

Grind: After all of this sightseeing, Grind is a great coffee house/cafe for those who not only want to fuel their instagram feed but are ready to enjoy a fun meal or relaxing drink. Grind has a variety of food options for those who are vegan and those who love meat. They also have various coffees, desserts, and sides for you to try as well!

These are just a few of the many places that Greenwich has to offer! From Greenwich Market to the Maritime Museum, you can spend hours here exploring the history and environment of this London borough!