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Did you know Shanghai was originally a fishing village? It’s now one of the biggest financial centers in the world and home to over 28 million people. Shanghai boasts a vibrant, ever-changing cultural scene and impressive history, so a lifetime isn’t even close enough to scratch what the “Paris of the Orient” has to offer.

But our new J-term study abroad program is a great place to start.

Immerse yourself in Chinese culture while studying Marketing Management and Methods in East Asia and Emerging Markets. This three-week, three-credit program offers a unique, global perspective into foreign markets, which could definitely be a selling point for future business careers. You’ll also learn the guidelines of international advertising and marketing strategies and gain firsthand experience with fields trips to multinational companies such as the Volkswagen Plant.

“The January in Shanghai program is the perfect opportunity for global citizens with an international perspective to gain a deeper understanding of China as it emerges to take a leading role in the global economy and political arena,” said CIEE Global Institute – Shanghai Director, Steve Chao.

With excursions and co-curricular activities, you can hop on one of Shanghai’s commercial high-speed Maglev trains and zip away to hike the Yellow Mountain; visit Nanjing, the former capital; float down the canals of Suzhou; or climb the spectacular Great Wall of China in Beijing. In Shanghai, you can sample delicious local cuisine, explore temples and ancient water towns, and watch the sunset over the spectacular skyline at the Bund.

Marketing Management and Methods in East Asia and Emerging Markets is the doorway to experience life in one of the world’s most vibrant and lively cities – join us for the ride!

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