Everland - Korea's Biggest Theme Park

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Casey C.

Dear Friends!

Long time no talk :) It's been a busy few months because of school and just having fun. Last month for Halloween weekend, my friends and I went to Everland! Everland is Korea's biggest theme park and they also have one of the tallest wooden roller coasters in the world. 

All of us decided to dress up in school girl/boy outfits because we wanted to take really cute photos. And the photos did turn out really nicely! It was also a really nice day so even though most of us wore skirts, it wasn't too cold. 

Though we took a LOT of photos, we did go on a handful of roller coasters! I think the T-Express (which is the wooden roller coaster) was my favorite even though the initial drop is sooooo scary. I liked how fast and long it was! 

Later on into the night, the Hallowen portion of Everland started! My friend and I saw many people dressed up in Squid Game costumes so we took a photo with some of them. We also saw a really scary and big clown walking around, it reminded me of Halloween Haunt back in California. I was a little disappointed that the scary maze was closed so there wasn't much to do at night but I did have a really good time. I want to go back to Everland and try sledding once it snows!

Talk soon,


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