Emma Nicholls - Internship Journal #1

Refletion #1

It has now been three weeks since I started my internship with Fondation Orient Occident. Fondation Orient Occident is a reception center for refugees and migrants across all of Africa. The foundation provides a space where refugees and migrants can find a consistent community in the midst of transition. They offer classes for adults and for children for the sake of learning the local language and adjusting to a new culture. My job at the foundation was initially just working in the kindergarten as a teacher of fifteen young children. But, I slowly started noticing other needs that weren’t being met within the foundation. Since there were two other interns working with me in the kindergarten, I asked if I could do any sort of administrative work that might help the organization run more smoothly. Ever since I asked that question, my boss Fatima has consistently been asking me to do some marketing work. This past week, I’ve been designing posters for events, I’ve made business cards for the foundation, and I designed a way to advertise the assortment of classes that are offered within the foundation. Although the work environment appeared to be really disorganized and stressful at the beginning, I’ve been able to step back and assess where I can meet needs. Then, I’ve been able to take initiative in making those improvements. This, I believe, is giving me good experience for when I’ll actually be employed within a professional environment.

The other part of working at Fondation Orient Occident that I’ve especially enjoyed has been meeting people. I’ve been able to making several new friends and have been able to hear their life stories. Overall, I feel that my experience at the foundation has been very meaningful thus far.

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