Embracing My Life in Taipei

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CIEE Taipei

By Chester Chou (Program Manager Taipei)


Serene Beginnings: Embracing Taipei's Tranquility and Affordability
I enjoyed the tranquility, affordability, and unhurried pace of my small-town upbringing. Initially hesitant about working and living in Taipei, I can now confidently confirm that it was the right decision. After residing in Taipei for about four years, I find the city charming in many aspects.


Effortless Exploration: Navigating Taipei's Urban Landscape
I hold Taipei in high regard, primarily due to its exceptionally efficient public transportation system. Whether I am commuting to work, discovering different neighborhoods, or traversing the city, I rely on the Taipei Metro for its remarkable convenience. When returning to my hometown, situated roughly 310 kilometers away from Taipei, I choose the Taiwan High Speed Rail, ensuring a swift journey home in just 2 hours. The city's well-designed public transport infrastructure not only facilitates easy movement within Taipei but also extends its convenience to travel beyond the city limits.


City Living, Nature's Embrace: Taipei's Perfect Symbiosis
Another feature I appreciate about Taipei is its seamless integration of city living and natural environments. I find great satisfaction in the convenience and prosperity offered by Da'an and Xinyi, two bustling and modern districts in Taipei. For a refreshing escape from the urban hustle, Da'an Forest Park, a prominent urban oasis, and Mount Xiangshan, renowned for its panoramic views of the city and the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, are conveniently located within these neighborhoods. Taipei provides me with not only the dynamism of modern urban life but also the serenity of nature, creating a well-rounded and fulfilling experience.


Food Journey: Taipei's Culinary Delights
For me, Taipei is undeniably a food paradise. The city caters to a wide range of culinary preferences, from traditional Taiwanese street food to diverse international cuisines. One of my favorite spots is Shida Night Market, conveniently located near CIEE Taipei. This bustling night market is a treasure trove of my preferred delights, including Taiwanese hot pot, pineapple bun with butter, Taiwanese fries, braised dishes, oyster omelet, and bubble tea. The culinary diversity that Taipei offers is something I genuinely appreciate and savor.


Trusted Urban Hub: Taipei's Commitment to Safety
Safety is my top concern when traveling in a big city, and Taipei's low crime rate brings me comfort. I feel at ease exploring its streets, using public transportation, and enjoying diverse offerings without major safety worries. An interesting observation is that people in Taipei often leave their valuable items such as fancy phones or laptops unattended at a coffee shop, and upon their return, these items are still there. All these aspects underscore the city’s reputations for safety and trust.


Home Away from Home: Taipei's Unique Blend of Comfort and Fulfillment
In essence, Taipei has grown beyond a mere location; it has become a cherished home that aligns with my preferences, values, and sense of comfort. The city's unique combination of public transport efficiency, modernity and natural beauty, culinary diversity as well as safety has made my time here not just enjoyable but deeply fulfilling.