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Hello! I’m the Program Manager here at CIEE Edinburgh. I’m originally from the US and studying abroad in Prague and Seville inspired me to continue living abroad after graduating. I have had the privilege of calling Edinburgh home for a number of years now. Now that I’ve settled into my routine in this magical city, there are moments when I realize I’ve neglected something essential: wandering. 

Recently, during one of my walks through a familiar residential neighborhood, I stumbled upon a plaque on a building. It read, “This tablet commemorates the meeting of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott, which took place here in the winter of 1786/1787.” How fascinating! These two influential Scottish writers once stood on the very street I’ve walked past countless times. Their encounter transported me back to my own study abroad experiences in Prague and Seville.


In Prague, I’d wander the cobblestone streets, discovering hidden corners and unexpected viewpoints. In Seville, I’d look up and see beautiful tiles adorned to the balconies. And then there’s Edinburgh—a place 

that now feels like home. Yet, it’s on walks like these that I’m reminded of how important it is to continue exploring. 

The beauty of study abroad is that you are experiencing life in this new city- you’re not just a visitor. You will feel a special integration into your host city that you haven’t on travels before. Once you’ve settled into your routine—knowing the way to your classes, identifying your favorite study spots, and perhaps even venturing to other countries or cities—it’s easy to overlook exploring in your host city. 

Exploring Edinburgh

So, I propose you take time to wander. Explore a new neighborhood. Take a turn down a new street. Look up! Look down! Look around! Allow yourself the joy of acting like a tourist in your home city. 

Exploring Edinburgh