Discovering Aboriginal Culture in Sydney

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Sydney offers a gateway to connect with the rich and vibrant Aboriginal culture of Australia. Through immersive experiences, guided tours, and hands-on workshops, visitors can delve deep into the ancient traditions, stories, and art forms of Australia's First Nations peoples. Join us as we explore concrete ways to learn and engage with Aboriginal culture in Sydney, forging meaningful connections and gaining insight into the enduring heritage of the land and its people. 

Aboriginal Cultural Tours with Local Guides 

Embark on a guided bush tucker tour led by Aboriginal guides from Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout. Wander through the scenic bushland of the Blue Mountains, learning about traditional bush foods, medicinal plants, and cultural practices passed down through generations. Engage in activities such as spear throwing, boomerang painting, and storytelling around the campfire, gaining a deep understanding of the spiritual connection between the Aboriginal people and their land. 


Indigenous Art Workshops and Galleries 

Attend an Aboriginal art workshop at the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative in Leichhardt. Learn traditional painting techniques from local Aboriginal artists, using natural materials and symbols to create your own masterpiece. Explore the Boomalli gallery, which showcases contemporary Aboriginal artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and textiles, providing insight into the diverse styles and themes of Indigenous art. 


Bush Tucker and Cultural Food Experiences 

Join the Aboriginal Cultural Cruise with Tribal Warrior on Sydney Harbour. Sample traditional bush tucker dishes prepared by Aboriginal chefs, including kangaroo, emu, and native herbs. Learn about the cultural significance of these foods while cruising past iconic landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, with Aboriginal guides sharing stories of the land and its people. 


Aboriginal Heritage Walks and Interpretive Sites 

Explore the Aboriginal Heritage Walk at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. (We offer this as an activity at CIEE!) Follow the self-guided walking trail, which features interpretive signage and audio guides, highlighting the cultural significance of plants, trees, and landmarks to the local Aboriginal Gadigal people. Visit sites such as the Cadi Jam Ora – First Encounters Garden, which showcases traditional Aboriginal plant uses and bush food sources.