DISCO PANG PANG - The Ride of Your Life

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Casey C.

Hi Friends!

I really want to tell you guys about Disco Pang Pang. It's a ride in Wolmido, Incheon that is a tagada-style amusement ride. Essentially, it's a large circular ride that spins and bounces up and down. You sit at the edge of the circle with no seatbelts and just hold on to the railing on the sides. And since there are no seatbelts, people often can fall to the middle or just sprawl all over the place. It is a little scary if you fall incorrectly, which is why these rides are banned in America. But they are extremely fun :D

My friends and I went to Wolmido a couple weeks ago and rode on Disco Pang Pang two times! It was super fun but we soon realized that we actually didn't go on the real one that is often shown on social media. So, this weekend, we went back to ride the offical one! The real one also has a Youtube channel so maybe theres a video of my friends and I struggling to not fall haha. 

The ride is also notorious for trying to creat romance between riders. There is a commentor that will ask silly questions or try to purposly get a girl or guy to fall onto other people to "spark romance". It's honestly really funny and I had a really good time riding it. I would go back but it is super far from Yonsei campus :( However, if you have the time to visit Incheon, definitiely head to Wolmido and ride Disco Pang Pang!!



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