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Sierra C.

South Korea is known for having a multitude of dessert cafés. he competition for originality is fierce and the cakes must be just as good. But sometimes the superior aesthetic of the food does not make it to the palate; these deserts are only good for pictures. With the fast shining eyes of social media and trying to keep up with the newest trend, making a name in the cutthroat competition of unique aesthetics and every changing trend, dessert cafés must make a name for themselves or fall by the wayside.

Some cafés have become well known even outside of South Korea DORE DORE, for example, has become known for its rainbow tiered cake which is more appealing to the eye than the taste buds. Even so,the crowds are constant, and the café, full of colorful confections, is always buzzing with girls. ome cafés are more akin to hidden gems, with brick walls and vaulted ceilings, unlike the pastel pink wonderland that is DORE DORE.There are also beautiful flower cafés that can be found all year round with walls of flowers that make great backdrops for afternoon tea and chatting with friends.