A Day Trip to Nami Island

Authored by:
Emma S.

It was refreshing to leave Seoul for a day. I had not realized how much I missed nature until I stepped foot on Nami Island. Although I love the city, it was nice to have a day with fresh air and greenery instead of skyscrapers and buses. Nami Island is about a two-hour train ride from Seoul, but it’s definitely worth the travel time. I went at 8AM with my friend, and we arrived at the island at 10:30AM. The entrance fee was around ₩13,000, and you can either use the ferry or zip line (which costs extra) to get across the river. I would definitely suggest bringing a fan and bug spray if visiting in the summer! My friend and I had to walk into the gift shops and cafés on the island a few times because the heat was getting to us.

On the island we saw ostriches, the iconic redwood trees, and took a trolley around the island. In all honesty, there is not much to do other than walk around, but that was enough for us. A couple of hours passed and after touring most of the island, my friend and I decided to sit down and simply embrace the summer atmosphere. It was a perfect place to catch up in life and talk about anything and everything. I truly believe this trip to Nami Island was one of the most fulfilling and peaceful days in Korea for me. We were not constantly distracted by billboard ads or exceedingly worried that we might be too loud while talking. I wish I could go back to that day and exist in that moment a little longer. I would definitely suggest going here with a close friend or two, just to enjoy each other’s company and stroll around the island together! :)


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