A Day Trip to the East Side

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Casey C.

Hi Friends!

Last week, I took a day trip to visit Yang Yang and Gangneung; these are cities right by the beach! My roommate Courtney and my friend Darren woke up around 6:30 am to head to the Express Bus Terminal to catch our bus! Our bus was around 8 o'clock and we arrived at the station just in time to get a few snacks before boarding. The bus ride was about 2.5 hours before we arrived at Yang Yang!

Once we got off, we were super hungry so we went to eat seafood stew. There were many different kinds of seafood but the coolest one was the abalone which MOVED! Of course, once we cooked it it stopped moving but I've never seen abalone move so much before. Nonetheless, the food was really yummy and I'm upset the restaurant is so far from Seoul :(

After lunch, we went to Hajodae Pavilion which is an amazing viewpoint to see the ocean from above. It was quite windy that day so we were extra cold trying to take photos.

We then headed down to Jumunjin Beach to go look at the famous BTS Bus Stop! This was one of the places I REALLY wanted to go to during my time in Korea so I'm really glad I got to go. But, I really wanted to go with my Kpop besties Angela but she couldn't come on this trip :( Still, I had a really good time visiting the bus stop. And since Courtney, Darren, and I were all Kdrama fans, we took a quick stop at the Goblin filming site! A kind family gave us their flowers to reenact the photos from the Kdrama so we were able to snap amazing pictures. 

Then, since Darren had class at 4 pm, we rushed down to Anmok Haebyeon Beach. We wanted to go to this beach because it is known for all the cute cafes right by the beach. So Darren was able to take a class at a cafe with an amazing view while Courtney and I walked around and played by the ocean. 

To close off our night, we bought sparklers, lit them up, and ran around the sand like children. It was so fun despite my hands being so cold! I did so much this one day that on the bus ride back, I knocked out immediately. I'm really happy I got the chance to visit the ocean.

Talk soon,


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