Day in the Life: Global Intern Week 4

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Alfonso Q.

Alfonso Q.

Week 4


Time Flies!

By the end of this week, I'll be nearing the midway point in my internship, time really goes by quickly when you're constantly learning and exploring different things. At this point I'm hoping I have enough time to do all the travelling I wanted to do! Although I've developed my own routine for my life as an intern, at the same time it feels far from routine. Some parts of life here remain similar to my life in San Diego, but in Shanghai there's a lot more of a random factor that keeps things really exciting. My work is interesting and I enjoy working here, I think by the time I finish I will have learned a great deal of skills that will help me in my career and job search later on. I think it's an interesting time to be interning here in Shanghai, one of the world's mega-cities where a lot of the action is happening, especially during a time where there's so much competition in the tech industry and also on a global scale, as countries all seem to be striving for achievement. As for a typical day in the life here, during my Monday-Friday workweek, I don't get to explore as much as do during the weekend, however, even then during lunch break there's always so many different options of foods to try at the shops and malls nearby. The malls here are huge, and each mall has more restaurants than I'll ever be able to finish trying. Then there's also the random interactions with the locals, whether it's restaurants trying to encourage you to try their food, or just curious people on the streets, it's the spontaneous moments that make your day sometimes.

During the weekends, however, I do get to break away more from my routine. Sometimes I'll go urban exploring with friends or other photographers in Shanghai, or I'll go with friends to a club or other event. There's always different events going down in shangai which is one of the reasons why I love big cities, it's hard to not find something to do! Recently I've been planning to also do a bit more travelling outside of Shanghai because China honestly has alot of beautiful cities and scenic areas. Apart from that, the public transportation system here is one of the best, if not the best in the world, so it's easy to hop on a bullet train and escape to Beijing for the weekend, which is something i might do next weekend :) .


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