Dare to Travel

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Authored by Sahibatu Kargbo (she/her)

(Sabi is a 4th-year  undergraduate student at George Mason University, majoring in Social Work. She hopes to work with individuals that are struggling with their mental health and wellness during her time in South Africa, during her time here she wants to explore the Mother City and interact with the people and culture.)

Traveling is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. The experience opens your cultural eyes, allows you to embrace diverse environments and form new perspectives, and can bring warmth to your soul. There are many benefits to traveling - whether for personal reasons, vacation, work, or education. Being in the same space constantly can cause a disconnect from within; going to a different state or country can bring back the connection that is needed for growth and happiness. Traveling and experiencing new things can also help reduce anxiety and stress which are so common in the world we live in. Lifelong memories are created when traveling because of the joyful emotions that come along with the experience. Overall, it is a wonderful way to see what the world is like outside of the norms we are used to, expanding our horizons and being open to that expansion. The idea of traveling will feel uncomfortable at first and there will be a handful of emotions tied to the process, but once you dare to travel, you will not want to stop exploring. I recommend that everyone travel at least once in their lifetime because you will be changed for good. 

This winter, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town. My experience being overseas so far has been amazing and I am at a loss for words. The city has beautiful landscapes and is full of vibrant colors, which appeal to the human eye. Every South African I have encountered has welcomed me in with their bright and loving personalities which made me feel at home. So far, I have visited the beach and museums, been on a sunset cruise, and enjoyed many diverse restaurants.

On top of the beauty Cape Town brings, I am interning full-time at a Mental Health Counselling Center, supporting staff and individuals and bringing forth change. I enjoy learning from the team and growing in my future career. Working one-on-one with individuals in South Africa has allowed me to understand their culture, traditions, and values - all while helping them navigate their psychological health and wellness.

Let me not forget to mention how wonderful the CIEE program staff have been. They diligently plan group activities for students so that we can grow and bond together while exploring various activities in Cape Town. CIEE also conducts educational learning for students while being overseas, allowing growth intellectually. Overall, my study abroad experience has been life-changing, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me.

If you have been looking for a sign to travel or study abroad, this is it! If you have not traveled yet, save money up and travel with your family, friends, significant others, or even by yourself. There is so much more out there in the world for you to experience. Your soul will be filled with so much joy and knowledge because of the wonderful experiences. Do not give up, get out into the world, and explore.