Daily Life of a Yonsei University Student- Studying, Restaurants, Shopping, Night Life??

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Audrey Y.

You literally cannot be bored as a Yonsei University student. In fact, my dad, who a native Korean, once told me that if someone asked you where you went to university, and you said you went to Yonsei, you were doomed to be deemed as a party animal. Why? Because many of the entertainment districts in Seoul is right next to Yonsei. Even if you are tired after classes and don’t have the energy to do anything too extravagant, there are other options as well. So, if you truly are lost and would like to know what an average day in a life of a Yonsei Student is, no worries! I will be covering some of the things you can do after classes, just to name a few.

For the summer quarter, I am taking two classes Monday to Thursday, and they end at 3:00 PM. This gives me plenty of time after class for free time. Plus, the three-day weekend is pretty nice, too. If you rather stay close to campus instead of going out after classes, the Yonsei Central Library has a 24-hour study room with outlets! Be the productive boss you are and finish all your assignments here. The desks have dividers for extra privacy and comfortable chairs. There is also a section with no dividers and more outlets.

Another study space is the Coffee Bean café near campus. It has a second floor with a quiet area and outlets. It’s a chill place to get a yummy drink and get work done.

If you don’t mind walking, there are a few study cafes in the nearby Sinchon area. These cafes are specifically for studying, so it’s definitely a vibe to come here and spend your evening working.

However, the real fun comes from going out into the city. As a Yonsei student, you have nearby access to restaurants, shops, busking, pubs, and more! On the weekends, my friends and I love to explore the different food options. Some food places that I recommend are Rolling Pasta, Chamchamcham, and Witch’s Kitchen. For dessert, I recommend A Twosome Place. Their red bean bingsu is the best thing you will ever experience, and you can find multiple locations near campus.

The best locations to do anything would be Sinchon, and my personal favorite, Hongdae. Sinchon is great for food and some shopping. I love to explore the beauty stores here. The makeup is so cute. I could spend all day in them. I love Sinchon, but Hongdae is just full of life. There are plenty of cute clothing stores in Hongdae, with a small street bustling with people and lights. I got a palm reading here as well. It’s definitely a fun place to pass the time!

The nightlife is amazing in Hongdae as well, as people don’t go to sleep even in the early mornings. The pubs are lively. I love to hang out in Seoul Pub with my friends. It’s a lively place with good music and you definitely cannot get tired there. Just make sure to stick with a group when experiencing the nightlife and to stay safe!

In both Hongdae and Sinchon, you may also come across busking. Busking is the word to describe street performances. People may sing, do magic, or my favorite, dance. They look like actual idols and I wish all the performers the best of luck in their future! They're all so talented. 

So far, university life has been so fun in Seoul. I think I prefer it to my home university. I’ll be sad to go after my six weeks are up.