Daegu Travel Diary

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Adilene V.

Adilene V.

During Chuseok, Korean Thansgiving, many students were presented with the choice of 1) staying in Seoul or 2)leaving it. Being the ambitious person I am, decided to spend Daegu with my other CIEE friends. While I do not regret my stay in Daegu, I reccomend not traveling outside of Seoul during Chuseok. It is precisely at this time of holiday that everyone is taking the KTX, Mugonghwa, and buses. 

Anyways, being outside of the palli palli ("hurry hurry" ) environment of Seoul was refreshing and fun. Daegu is the 3rd largest city after Seoul and Busan, however, it is not so big on tourism. Precisely, because of this is that I chose to spend my break in Daegu. Moreover, because Daegu was new to my friends and to me, being there was just as exciting as the first time I came to Seoul. 

After our first day resting at our Airbnb, we met our Korean professor's older sister and she showed us around Daegu for the entire day, bless her soul. After eating Bulgogi and naengmyeon (cold noodles) at Hyundae Department Store, we visited Seomun Market in Daegu and ate for the very first time hotteok (fried pancake) and shikye (rice drink). It was so lively and the street food aroma was omnipresent. I wish I could have spent another day only in the market, but alas we would only be in Daegu for three days. 

Because of a drama called Oh My Venus starring So Ji sub, I was inspired to visit Kim Gwangseok Memorial Street. The street is in membrance of a famous Korean folk singer, Kim Gwangseok. It is a very cute, artistic street full of wonderful crafts and cafes. What I especially loved about the street was the wall art and eccentric sculptures. Its vibrant design, patterns, and colors made me feel like I was in elementary school again, so full of life and color. Because of the nature of this street, many people perform Kim Gwangseok music or their own. 

After our lovely stop at the Kim Gwangseok Memorial Street, being the lover of nature that I am, I decided to visit Suseong Lake, a beautiful park and lake in Daegu. Walking around there paints the image of the daily life in Daegu, slow and beautiful. I saw many lively elderly and laughing babies walking on the paths at Suseong. Many families and couples go in the duck shaped boats to have fun. Not too far from the park is a small local amusement park, Arte Suseong Land.  I felt like a little kid again watching others play games (and me participate too!).  After dinner, my little tour of Daegu was over, but the memories were not. I spent my Chuseok break in Daegu to relax and I encourage others studying abroad to venture out of Seoul and visit Daegu (or Jeju or Busan (see Helen's posts). )

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