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It is time! Not only have you completed the game prologue, you created your character and now we can start the game! Story mode here we come! I love a game with a good story because fighters are not really for me. Free battles are fun but we do not have time for that right now! It is now time to assess the situation, the airport situation and plane.

If you are an experienced flyer, you can stop right here unless you want to read my personal airport and flight tips, it is always good to know what others think. As for everyone else out there who either has not ridden a plane in awhile, does not fly frequently, or feels like they cannot hack the airport or planes, read on!

Hopefully your layover if you have one is long enough to make your connecting. Always insure you are at an airport 2-3 hours early. Please make sure you have not forgotten your passport (that does happen unfortunately...). If you are worried about being bored, read books, listen to music, study, play a video game, or watch a movie (in flight). I do not recommend bringing physical books. Many of the people I know fail to actually read those books which are just weighing you down and taking up unnecessary space if that is the case. Bring a tablet instead. I filled mine with fanfictions and already had books on it. I also had study materials on it just in case. I brought two of my handheld consoles too since what better way to relax than with a video game? Music I did not listen to much, but for those who like to have music on, do not forget those earbuds! I watched several movies during my flights too.

Tips: Pack food in your carryon so that you do not have to buy airport food (which is usually expensive and untasty). Pack gum for your ears but only chew it if needed, chewing it may actually cause it to hurt your ears like it does mine (yawning is a good substitute). To stay comfortable on the plane, walk around as much as you can. DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS! You will without a doubt have to take your shoes off and if you are okay with your bare feet standing on metal detector that another person's possibly bare, sweaty, dirty, fungus infested feet have stood on, be my guest. If you have those kind of feet already, why force someone else to suffer or put your feet at further risk for more issues? Wear pants and wear or bring a sweater. Planes are cold and dirty. Protect your skin as much as you can from the cold and germs. It might be hot when you come but at least you can change later.

Safe travels and do what works best for you! Do as much research as you can on this.

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