A Culturally Filled Day in Bahurutshe and A Game Drive in Mokolodi

Authored by:
Keamogetse K.

Our student volunteers and students met the OIEP students and staff at the UB maintenance to meet the driver and begin the weekend gate-away.  

Bahurutshe cultural village

As the crew arrived at Bahurutshe cultural village at 9 am and the festivities began. Bahurutshe always gives the best traditional food and always makes sure that our students really get how we eat when we are at our home villages.

Porridge is one of the staple food that majority of Batswana have for breakfast.  After breakfast and checking into the rooms, the students got ready for the day activities.

Manyana Rock paintings: first stop was Manyana Rock paintings, where we learnt about different ways how Basarwa communicated with each other, drew what they saw in the environment and also as a way of a leisure activity. This is now a tourist attraction for the Manyana village which is about 10 km from  Bahurutshe cultural village.

7 KM Walk to Kolobeng river, as a way of unwinding and seeing the some cattlepost of people the kolobeng. The walk might have been exhausting but the final destination of it was beautiful. On our way back to the bus we stopped by the Livingstone Memorial and learn a few about one of the first missionaries in Botswana. Where he lived, where he built his church and were he and his family were buried.

After a long but wonderful day we drove back to the cultural village, and upon our arrival we found beautiful older women waiting for us. The women surrounded the chief of the village, as soon as we sat down the owner of the cultural village welcomed us back and introduced those who accompanied her.

After breakfast at Bahurutshe, we are arrived at Mokolodi Nature Reserve at 10 am had the welcome remarks and welcome drinks and started our two hour game drive and later ad our bush braai. The two days get away was refreshing from the stressful school weeks  we been having.

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