Crossing the Line Lecture:Through the Looking Glass

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The CIEE Global Institute in Paris was proud to invite ANNE MARSELLA to its Global Institute Lecture Series.  In her talk, Through the Looking Glass, Mme Marsella spoke about her experience of writing between languages and on the relationship between writing and pleasure as offering a means to redefine our perception of foreignness or otherness.

Anne Marsella is a Paris-based writer and CIEE Paris Alumna, has written and published in both English and French and is the author of the award-winning collection of short stories, The Lost and Found and Other Stories (New York University Press) and the novels Remedy (Portobello Books), The Baby of Belleville (Portobello Books) and Patsy Boone (Editions de la Différence).  She is a recipient of New York University’s Elmer Holmes Bobst Award and has benefited from a number of international fellowships.  Currently she teaches creative writing at the Institut Catholique de Paris and curates the Mme du Châtelet Literary Salon celebrating the feminine erotic in the spirit of Madame du Châtelet, an 18th century mathematician famous for translating Newton and for her daring couture.

Global Institute Lecture Series

The Global Institute Lecture Series is an initiative of the Open Campus program that invites students to engage with a global topic from the perspective of their host country. CIEE opens its doors to local experts, visiting faculty and members of the community, to facilitate an evening of debate and idea exchange. The GI Lecture Series provides a forum for a diverse range of academic engagement, from lectures to film screenings, workshops and panel discussions, with the goal of bringing students closer to the local community. 

A new topic is chosen every semester and students across all Global Institutes will engage with this common theme from varying angles. Therefore, a great emphasis is placed on fostering intercultural awareness and learning. Students have the invaluable opportunity to liaise with members of the local community, experience new perspectives, and contribute to the academic landscape of their host country.