Crossing the Line Lecture: Race, Art and Social Equality Difference in the USA and France

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CIEE Paris held a round table discussion and Q&A session at the Paris Global Institute with Jake Lamar.  Jake Lamar was born in the Bronx, New York in 1961. Inspired by such literary heroes as Richard Wright and James Baldwin, he came to Paris in 1993, intending to stay for one year. A quarter of a century later, he's still here. In this talk, Jake will reflect on how questions about race, art, politics and social equality play out differently in the USA and France.

Global Institute Lecture Series

The Global Institute Lecture Series is an initiative of the Open Campus program that invites students to engage with a global topic from the perspective of their host country. CIEE opens its doors to local experts, visiting faculty and members of the community, to facilitate an evening of debate and idea exchange. The GI Lecture Series provides a forum for a diverse range of academic engagement, from lectures to film screenings, workshops and panel discussions, with the goal of bringing students closer to the local community. 

A new topic is chosen every semester and students across all Global Institutes will engage with this common theme from varying angles. Therefore, a great emphasis is placed on fostering intercultural awareness and learning. Students have the invaluable opportunity to liaise with members of the local community, experience new perspectives, and contribute to the academic landscape of their host country.