Crossing the Gender Line: Rome-Adopted Women as Business and Community-Engagement Leaders

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Two non-Italian women who live in Rome step outside their areas of formal professional expertise to make groundbreaking advances that help connect people.  Kristin Engvig, Founder of WIN (Women International Network) “inspires others to create a world where business and society flourish and all people thrive. Mary Stuart-Miller, Founder of Project Rome, serves “home-cooked food on the streets of Rome, giving clothes, shoes and recognition to desperate and disadvantaged people.” Both speakers raise awareness about the potential in every one to make a real difference in the world. Kristin and Mary focus on finding solutions to problems by applying feminine values in daring new ways.

The Guest Lecture will be moderated by Dr. Rebecca Sptizmiller, professor in the Business track at CIEE and professor of International Business Contracts and Comparative Law at Roma Tre University.

Kristin Engvig is a social entrepreneur who began her leadership journey after founding W.I.N. in 1998 in Milan, Italy. Kristin embodies her belief that “Women have a vital role to play.  They embody the power to influence, decide, lead and be an agent of change.  Women lead with grace while being true to themselves, restructuring organizations into caring environments, making conscious decisions for long term results, handling communication with empathy, and in every way ensuring that lives and careers blossom worldwide.”

Mary Stuart-Miller started Project Rome, a volunteer group for the homeless.

What began with Stuart-Miller cooking dozens of nutritious meals in her kitchen for the homeless or destitute near Rome's Tiburtina train station on a Tuesday night has now morphed into a mission which sees the pair feeding over 300 a week, as well as travelling around the city delivering food, clothes, blankets and toiletries to those sleeping rough or in abandoned buildings.

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