Cool Down at the Movies

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Sara P.

Sara P.

Is a heatwave going on in Seoul? Just wanting to do something in the air conditioning? Then the movies are the place to go! Relax in some nice seats and air conditioning all while watching a cool movie.

My friend, Chrissy, and I went to CGV in Sinchon. We watched A Quiet Place Part II. We had both seen the first movie and we were excited about the sequel! It also was very hot and humid out so we wanted to relax and enjoy some air conditioning. 

When thinking about attending a movie, look at the times on the website. You can always google "CGV x place" and find a theatre. CGV is the biggest movie theatre chain in Korea so you are bound to find a place nearby. The website is offered in English and Korean, however, if you wish to book a ticket online you need a Korean phone number. Chrissy and I both do not have a Korean phone number so we just bought our tickets there. All seats are assigned so you really get to see where everyone is sitting and how many people are in there if you want a less crowded experience. 

There are three types of tickets with the price increasing for each; regular seats, Lovebox, 4DX. Lovebox is like a loveseat that is in the back of the theatre. If you are going on a date, this is the seat you should pick. It automatically charges for two tickets, so if you were just hoping to stretch out or use the extra space you will need to pay for the extra cost. 4DX is 3D meets interactivity. 4DX shakes your seat, sprays perfume, flashes lights, and other cool effects. It can be really fun to experience the movie this way, and it's usually reserved for horror and action films. 4DX doesn't run as often as other regular seated cinemas so keep that in mind. 4DX is also $5-$15 more. 

The regular seats worked perfectly for us. They recline a little bit and there was a LOT of leg room. Also since we got to pick our seats we had no one around us and we didn't have to worry about fighting for the best seats. It was really nice to just sit back and relax. Ticket prices were a bit cheaper than in the US so my wallet also felt like it was on a vacation. Overall, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed catching a movie in Seoul. 


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