Connections and Engagements of CIEE Tallinn

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CIEE Tallinn

One of the key advantages of our programs is the strong network of connections we have established with prominent institutions and communities in Estonia.

Our partnerships extend to esteemed organizations like the Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) Alumnus Community, providing us unique opportunities to interact with professionals who have gained their experience in the States in various fields.

Through exclusive visits, our students have had the privilege of personally meeting with officials and leaders, gaining insights into various aspects of Estonian society. From visits to President’s Palace, ministries, Public Broadcasting Service ERR to Government’s Office, the small size of Estonia and connections give us endless opportunities. Some of our notable visits include:

Visiting U.S. Embassy in Tallinn and engaging in important discussions. 

Students had the honor of meeting Ambassador George P. Kent, engaging in fascinating discussions on U.S.-Estonia relations. U.S Ambassador is also alumnus of CIEE! 

Visiting Parliament of Estonia

Meeting with renowned politicians and engaging in discussions about current topics, such as safety, future, and culture, provided students valuable insights into Estonia's governance and policies.

Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) Alumnus Community

Our partnership with BAFF allows us to immerse ourselves in the lives of young professionals and future (and current) leaders.

We’ve been visiting leading institutions and attending workshops led by industry experts, such as the LinkedIn workshop with Branding Expert Taavi Lindmaa.

Startup and Unicorns Visits with BAFF alumnus

From unicorns like Pipedrive to workshops with innovators in self-driving cars, our students have had unique opportunities to explore Estonia's dynamic tech landscape.

Community Engagement and Volunteering

Beyond academic pursuits and engaging visits, our students actively engage with the local community through volunteering initiatives.

Whether supporting Ukrainian communities, participating in food bank activities, or assisting foster families in the East, our students make meaningful contributions to society.

Students also volunteer at Latitude59, a flagship startup tech event, organized by one of the BAFF alumni Liisi Org, which is another amazing opportunity to network with industry leaders.

Exciting Adventures and Cultural Experiences

Estonia's diverse seasons and landscapes offer endless possibilities for exploration. From skiing in winter to boating trips during warmer seasons, our students experience the best of Estonia's natural beauty. Whether witnessing the northern lights in the city center (yes, our spring semester students witnessed it!) or navigating through Estonia's rich heritage, your time in Tallinn will be filled with unforgettable moments, and these are just some of the examples!