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Oscar Ceballos

Dear friends,

Greetings from Seville.                                       

Our Fall 2017 semester ended a couple of weeks ago after 15 weeks of shared experiences and intense academic work. The majority of our students have shown a keen interest in pursuing their personal and academic endeavors, have experienced life in Seville at many different levels, and have shown great commitment in the production of meaningful media projects with a focus on their host community.

In a skillfully narrated video titled “Carina La Debla”, Marie Van Rysselberghe and Luis Sevilla (University of Oregon) give voice to a German-born flamenco dancer who has turned her passion into her professional endeavor. This video is their final project for the course Digital Video Reporting in Context, taught by professor Carlos Pineda. Luis and Marie, together with the rest of the students participating in the program, have expanded a very large portrait gallery of local individuals that includes not only videos, but also magazine articles, photo projects and podcasts.

The 29th edition of the bilingual magazine más+menos, titled “Time to Work / La hora del trabajo”, was printed in time for the students of the course Magazine Reporting and Writing to see the result of their several weeks of hard work. The nine stories contained this time in the publication are, for the most part, reflections about vocationally chosen professional paths. Though what transpires in all of them is the passion and commitment to life of their protagonists. While you receive printed copies at your door, you can read the stories online at The cover article by Sarah Klearman (Santa Clara University) “Flour, Oil, Water and Time”, tells the story of Manuel Ruíz and Sergi Arrán, who found a new life together as bakers after they lost their jobs during the economic crisis of the past few years.

How can a couple of dancers get their feet off the ground and then perform on the walls of buildings or suspended in mid-air? Read the story “Keeping his Feet On the Ground” by Calvin Badger (Indiana University-Bloomington) to know how and read more stories at or download the pdf version of our last magazine.

Students of the course Urban Photography Workshop: The City from Within, with professor Antonio Pérez, have probably had the most fun and been VERY creative. See their latest photo album to get an idea.

Students of the course Social Justice, Action and Media: Stories that Matter –with professor Marina Blesa– have explored ways in which media professionals can actively work to bring social change. They have created communication campaigns for different NGOs and have visited several organizations including radio stations, fair trade companies and citizens coops. Some students have even volunteered at the local NGO ‘Historias de Luz’, that works to bring to light stories from those whose voice is not usually heard.

You can find much more information about the Fall 2017 semester in the Facebook page of CIEE Seville.

We’ll be back with in January, for the start of the Spring 2018 semester. In the meantime, I'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year.

Óscar Ceballos

Academic Director, Institutional Relations & Quality.      

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