The City of Sunsets

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Cape Town Centre

Cape  Town Centre

The City of Sunsets 

Authored by: Chelsea Chitanda (Global Internship Program Assistant) 


Only a few weeks into their internships, the Global Interns have made sunset viewing on every sunny day of the Cape Town winter season a requirement which has now become a favorite routine of some sort. 

The beautiful pictures depicted in this post were shared with the CIEE team and were taken by Global Intern, Dorothy Walker. She and fellow students, Jake Mitchell, Lily Daniels, Grant Otto, Audrey Rahm, Kayla Sassar and Henry Wall, have named Clifton 4th beach the best spot in Cape Town to watch the spectacular sunset, with the waterfront promenade coming in close second.  

The 17 Global Interns, who are currently in Cape Town for eight weeks, are working hard from Mondays-Thursdays for their various host organizations, experiencing what it is like to work in a different context and culture. The group has enjoyed relaxing and sharing stories at the end of the busy working day, and believes that sunset viewing is a sunny winter’s day ‘must do’ which everyone should have on their list when in Cape Town. 

Did you know that two oceans lap the shores of Cape Town, so you can watch the sun rise over the Indian Ocean and set over the Atlantic Ocean? 

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