CIEE Rabat Hosts Online Ramadan Session

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Oumaima Farik

Our students were looking forward to experience Ramadan with their local homestays. Unfortunately, it was not possible due to their early departure. Our program is all about cultural exchange and diversity, sharing our traditions and culture with the students is one of our main focuses. We hosted an online session with our Spring’20 students to introduce the holy month of Ramadan and how Moroccans celebrate it.

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the Islamic year. It is a chance for Muslims to reflect upon their past year’s actions, seek forgiveness for transgressions, purify the soul, refocus on spiritual practice, and help the poor and needy. Ramadan means also family gathering during Iftar time.  

Iftar time is marked throughout the cities of Morocco by the boom from canons which signify that it is almost time for the Maghrib call to prayer when they will be able to break the fast for the day. Iftar is a special celebration for families to eat and get-together over “Harira” Moroccan soup, Chebakkia “Moroccan sweets”, dates, Tajine, Sellou, Almond Briouat, Moroccan tea, fresh juices, and different local dishes after praying together.

Chebkkia: A Moroccan sesame cookie which is folded into a flower shape, deep fried and then coated with honey and sesame.

Harira: Morocco’s famous lentil and tomato soup. Although eaten year-round, it is especially popular in Ramadan, when many families serve it daily to break the fast. A bowl of “Harira” gives energy to the body because it is packed with carbs, vitamins, and proteins. The soup is easy for your body to absorb after a long day of fasting and has a lot of water to hydrate you.

Sellou: A delicious Moroccan sweet made of flour, toasted sesames and roasted almonds, honey, and spices. It is usually served during Ramadan and special occasions.

 Almond Briouat: Triangle shaped sweet made of almond paste flavored with orange blossom water, cinnamon deep fried and soaked in honey.

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