CIEE Rabat Hosts Harsha Online Cooking Workshop

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Oumaima Farik

It has been a pleasure hosting another online cooking workshop for our Spring term students. Sharing local recipes, baking together, and checking on each other while being in different continents is just so beautiful.

We share with our students easy local recipes so they share taste of Morocco with their families back home. Find below last week recipe:

Harsha: Moroccan Corn Galette

Preparation time: 45min

Cooking time: 20min


300g semolina

4 big spoons olive oil

2 small spoons melted butter

½ small spoon sugar

1 small spoon salt

2big spoons cream cheese Optional

½ small spoon pepper and oregano Optional

7g baking powder

200ml cold milk

Step 1: Mix all dry ingredients, Semolina, sugar, salt, baking powder, pepper and oregano in one bowl.

Step 2: Add melted butter, cream cheese and olive oil. Mix everything using a spoon.

Step 3: Add milk and mix well everything.

Step 4: Let it rest for 20min.

Step 5: Make little round and add a little semolina on top of the dough. Put the frypan for on high heat 5 minutes before starting to cook Harsha. Cook Harsha on medium heat.

Bsseha  wa raha!!!

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