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Helen C.

Last night, I attended an alumni dinner event. It was a great opportunity for students to grow their network here and gain insight on what it's like to work in South Korea. I want to mention and thank the three almuni that came out to speak with us. 

Cari Clark studied abroad in 2012-2013. During her second semester here, she interned at YG entertainment, which is one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea. She ended up coming back in 2014 and currently works at a social media company. 

Cheleen Burke also studied abroad in 2012-2013. She works for an English academy in Seoul and has extensive teaching experience with a wide range of students. She plans to live in South Korea long-term and truly loves what she does here. 

Mercedes Adame studied abroad in the fall of 2016. Currently, she is conducting research on traditional Korean medicine as a Fulbright Research Scholar. Her aim is to find out how socioeconomic status affect the perspectives and attitudes of locals regarding traditional Korean medicine. 

It was interesting to hear about their journeys from studying abroad to enterting the workforce. We truly appreciate the time and effort the alumni and CIEE staff have put in to organizing this event. Dinner was provided and the venue was beautiful. It's nice to know that being a part of CIEE means that you are plugged into a whole community of alumni who are willing to connect with you. I'm so grateful for that, and for the staff who not only thinks about our education here but our future career goals as well.