CIEE Alicante World Cup of Language

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Gertrudis Sigüenza

Gertrudis Sigüenza

¡España! ¡España! We are in the middle of the football world cup Russia 2018 and our Spanish team is doing its best to get to the final. We are great Spanish supporters and we love the Spanish language, so... Let's play our own CIEE World Cup of Language. Yesterday pre-advanced students divided into "Ketchup y Mostaza" and "Rojo Pasion" teams performed the language competition. Games such as "millionaire" or "password"  put them through their paces. Their knowledge of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, colloquial expressions and other communicative abilities were necessary to get to the top. The red card, the whistle and our refreshing "botijo" were essential in the event.  Both teams set the bar high (59-64 points) and are ready for the big final next week. Who will be our world language champion?  

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