Chuseok in Jeju Island

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Federica P.

Federica P.

Hello friends, are you ready to read about my Chuseok?

Because of the holiday, we had a few days of vacation so two of my friends and I went to Jeju Island! It was so exciting and I had such an amazing time. We stayed there for four full days and we did so many things. 

Before leaving we were a bit nervous as a typhoon was expected to hit the island while we were there. But the weather ended up being amazing. It was actually pretty fun because the day we got there was raining a lot so we got all wet while walking to dinner, which was an adventure. Any other day the weather was so nice and we got to see so many beautiful sunsets.

We stayed in Jeju City as it was closer to the airport. So that is the area we explored the first day. I really liked the Dongmun Market where we tried the famous Jeju tangerines and oranges. Sooo good! The day after we went to the OSULLOC tea museum, which was really pretty too. And then we head to the beach to watch the sunset while having chimaek. I really loved the atmosphere and just hanging out with my friends.

The next days we visited the Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls and went to Udo Island. There we tried the famous peanut, apple mango, and tangerine ice cream. And we admired another beautiful sunset on the way back from the boat. We also found our favorite brunch and dinner spot that was really close to where the b&b was, so we could just walk there. We tried black pork bbq, which was amazing. Even better than normal Korean bbq.

I’m such an ocean and sunset person, so those were definitely my highlights of the trip. I wish we had a few more days, but we did see a lot so I cannot complain. Besides, to end the trip well, the day I went back, my friends organized to go to Lotte World. So I actually spent the real Chuseok day there, and I had so much fun.

I’m really enjoying my time here and I cannot wait for more adventures to come! So do not forget to check my updates. Bye for now


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