Christmas Markets: The magic has arrived to Berlin!

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Every December we can see how the city gets darker and colder, but it is also filled with lights in parks, streets, main squares and homes. This month, the last month of the year is special. Berlin turns into a magical place, connecting us with the magic of Christmas. That’s why at CIEE Berlin, we encourage our students to explore the city through this traditional event.

It is possible to see Christmas markets all over Germany, and according to the historical data, the oldest Christmas markets date back to the 14th and 15th century. The main objective of the markets was to stock up on what was necessary for a long and dark winter. Also, they became a space for artists and artisans to show and sell their work. Undoubtedly, a cultural space open to all that was connected with the Christian celebration of Christmas.

In Berlin this year, there are more than 100 Christmas Markets or Weihnachtsmarkt that you can visit and enjoy music, food, drinks, etc. There are large and small markets, some with medieval themes, others withNordic spirit, one organized by the LGBTQIA community, one in front of Charlottenburg Palace, and many more. The objective is to help everyone enjoy this season in the most incredible way.

Beyond the impressive decoration, the Christmas market is a place where it is possible to encounter the magic of Christmas that makes us children again. It is a place where one will share a nice moment with family and friends. A place that seeks to give space to everyone.

At the Christmas markets, it is also possible to get to know a large part of German culture through its food or drinks, but also through its crafts. At many markets, you will find traditional music from orchestras or choir groups from various neighbourhoods, local crafts, decorations, candles and candlesticks, wooden toys, among others. 

Winter is long and cold, however, these instances make us enjoy the season. Normally the Christmas markets are open from the end of November until Christmas or even a few days after. It is also a place to escape from the stress and consumerism that Christmas has become in many places. It is an instance to also support local commerce and small merchants who come from various parts of Berlin and the country.

So if you visit Berlin during the winter, you can’t miss the magic of the Christmas Markets!