A childish dream: Disney land!

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Aleya G.

Welcome back!

Now Disney land is not something that is exlusive to Japan. Of course there are two in the US and many more around the world. However, this is the first time I have been to any this famous attration that every child dreams of going to, Disney land. If you have been to Disney land then don't worry there is also Disney Sea which I may go to at some point! Here I want to share some tips I learned from my host family when we went so you can use your time there to the fullest! 

  1. Each day has a time in which you can buy a Starlight Passport which is cheaper than going before that. For me, we went on Sunday and it was 5400 yen (about $54), and the Starlight Passport, I believe, started at 3 PM. Which from what I can tell is the earliest out of week.
  2. There is an app that people use, I think it is called Disney App, which regularly updates on the expected wait time for each attraction so you can maximize how many rides or restaurants you can go on in one trip. 
  3. For the rides their audio is only in Japanese except for 'It's a small world'.


I hope these tips will be useful to you if you ever go to to the Disney parks here, or if you won't I hope you enjoy these pictures!


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