Carioca Night

CIEE Students at Baixo Gávea

Apart from the paradisiac beaches and the breath-taking landscapes from Rio, the city is famous for reuniting the culture of all other Brazilian States in a great caldron of dynamic street arts. That is, the city has a great history of cultural festivities not just from the City itself, but also from other regions of the country. One of the most famous places in the city to go out and enjoy a nightlife is Lapa. The name comes from the Lapa’s Arch, a Carioca Aqueduct, that is no longer working and now works as a touristic trainway that connects the city centre to Santa Teresa.

The place is famous for hosting one of the most diverse environment of the country, reuniting people from many different urban tribes. The place got famous in the 50's when it was called the "Montmartre Carioca" about the French bohemian area. At Lapa people can enjoy touristic attractions and traditional cultural places during the day and have a lot of music in the clubs and bars at night.

The students went there several times looking for Brazilian music as Funk and some other latin music as Reggaeton.

FYI: According to Wikipedia, Carioca is a demonym used to refer to anything related to the City of Rio de Janeiro, or the State of Rio de Janeiro, however between the common usage of the Portuguese language, carioca is referred to anything inside the city of Rio de Janeiro when Fluminense is the term used to refer to anything inside the State apart from the City. So just to explain the title of this Post, Carioca night refers to the night inside the City of Rio de Janeiro.