Cafe Hopping in Yeonnam

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Nina L.

Nina L.

The cafe scene in Seoul is no joke. From painting cafes to animal ones, just about every theme is available in the city. For me and my friends, this means lots of afternoons spent cafe-hopping and finding new favorites. Here’s a recap of our recent afternoon of cafe-hopping in Yeonnam!

1) Cafe Layered

This British-inspired cafe is full of whimsical decorations and details, such as inspiring messages drawn on the mirrors and beautiful lace tablecloths. There are so many yummy-looking pastries, it took us all a while to make our choices! 

2) Greem Cafe

You may recognize this cafe from the Netflix film To All the Boys: Always and Forever. Everything is designed to appear 2D, which makes for a unique atmosphere and great photos! We were also pleasantly surprised at how tasty the drinks were here.

3) Gifted

This cafe really does appear as a gift– the exterior features a very large pink bow wrapped around the building! The interior was also very cute, with a pink and white color scheme. We specifically came to this cafe for the Halloween drinks, which did not disappoint. They were so cute and definitely got us in a spooky mood.

4) Cheong Su Dang (청수당)

This is the second Cheong Su Dang I’ve been to (read my post featuring the one in Insadong here!) While the souffles are delicious at this chain of cafes, the real draw (in my opinion) is the tranquil setting and overall ambience. This specific location had glowing lanterns, a beautiful outdoor seating area, and stepping stones over water. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for a change of pace. 

Be sure to check out the Yeonnam area for great cafe-hopping spots. In addition to these ones, there are many other great options available in this charming neighborhood! 

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