Brewing Memories: Free Coffee Tasting Event in South Korea

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Perla D.

Coffee culture is big in South Korea and I never thought that coffee tasting would be one of the best activities that I’ve done. The journey began when my friend's uncle, a true coffee lover, extended an invitation to a coffee tasting event. I am not a huge coffee person but the event was free and I thought it would be interesting to explore what coffee culture is like in South Korea. 

Korea's coffee culture is very vast, but what struck me during the tasting was the passion displayed by the participants. From coffee fanatics to dedicated baristas, everyone gathered around the table shared a common love for the art of brewing coffee. One guy was so into it that he would sniff the coffee beans in excitement every time. It was interesting to see his dedication to this art.

I was curious as to how the actual tasting session would go but it started off with all of us getting in a line and smelling the different coffee beans. Placed randomly on the table were pairs of beans from different parts of the world. The challenge we all were given was to identify which beans shared the same aroma. Then, hot water was poured over the beans and we were able to taste the coffee. The challenge still continued as we guessed which beans were the same. 

One cool aspect of the event was observing the other participants. They would swirl the coffee around in their mouths, a technique that I assume is designed to enhance the tasting experience. What intrigued me further was the sound that accompanied each sip – a slurping noise similar to enjoying a bowl of ramen. I couldn't help but wonder if this method somehow contributed to enhancing the flavors of the coffee. 

Overall, this coffee tasting experience was eye opening for me because now I have a a newfound appreciation for coffee lovers. I am excited to learn more about coffee and maybe even become a coffee fanatic like the people at the event.