Bored at 2 AM? Here are Three Things You Can Do in Seoul Late at Night

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Perla D.

If you find yourself wide awake at 2 AM and wondering how to make the most of your time here, Seoul has so many options waiting for you. From dance studios to cafes, here are three activities that you can engage in during the late night hours.

Rent a Dance Studio:

If you’re trying to channel your inner K-pop idol, then consider renting a dance studio for a couple hours. You can let loose and dance your heart out without worrying about disturbing everyone in the dorms. My friends and I heard about this through some TikTok videos and decided to give it a try! Depending on the dance studio, the rates can be as low as 5,000 won per hour. 

Eat & Drink at a Pocha:

During my time in Seoul, I noticed that Koreans love to drink a lot and along with drinks there is always a meal. During the late hours, you will definitely find yourself entering the world of “pochas'' which are late-night eateries that offer delicious food and different drinks. Some places offer highballs or the typical soju + beer combination (소맥) which taste so good alongside Korean dishes. Pochas are perfect spots to have the funniest conversations with your new CIEE friends and satisfy your cravings.

Go to a 24-Hour Cafe:

If dancing and drinking are not your vibe then maybe you’ll enjoy some of Seoul’s 24-hour cafes. They are everywhere and you can even find them in the heart of Sinchon which is very close to Yonsei’s campus. You will have days where you will probably have to stay up to get some work done or maybe you are looking for some late night drinks and dessert. During midterms, my friends and I went to Sinchon to study together, providing the perfect chance for us to explore a new cafe nearby. As cafe hoppers, it turned out to be a productive and enjoyable sightseeing opportunity for us.

Next time you find yourself wondering what you can do after midnight, consider these three options to really make the most of your time in Seoul.