Bonoa (10/20/2019)

Authored by:
Phillip D.

The work retreat in Bonoa was a beautiful sight. It was very mountainous and WiFi was practically nonexistent, but it was a beauty. As always, I overpacked for this excursion, though I was only doing what I believed was recommended. Many of my friends got bit my mosquitoes this weekend, but luckily, I was able to survive with little to no marks. It was also fun driving up and down the mountains in the back of a truck, something that is technically illegal in the United States.

Bonoa would definitely be an ideal place for me to live in the country if I were married or simply wanted to live a more isolated lifestyle. I’d have to have WiFi of course, but it would be perfect. I’m not sure if I’d be able to get used to the cold mornings and cold nights, but I’m sure I’d adapt nicely. I wonder if there are any deep bodies of water for people to enjoy in this area as well (we were able to spend time in some shallow rivers). There’s so much about that place that I’d love to know more about.


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